Cast Iron

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Cast Iron

Cast Iron Grill with foldable handle

Everything that's great about a grill ... but better! Available in circular, square or rectangular format, cooking is extremely efficient thanks to its rounded grooves. Its fat-flow system ensures healthier grilling.  It offers perfect handling with its fold-down handle and facing grip.

Available sizes: 26 cm diameter, 24x24 cm and 34x21 cm 

Technical characteristics


All heat sources



Before first use:

Rinse your product with hot water. Dry it on a low heat, then smear the interior with a little vegetable oil. Heat it on a low heat for a few minutes and wipe away the surplus oil with a cloth. The oil will create a naturally smooth surface. Your product is now ready to use!

Advice on usage:

Enamel cast iron must be warmed gradually. Make sure the size of your heating surface is not bigger than the diameter of your cocotte.

When using induction hobs, pre-heat your item at one third of the heat for 5 minutes. Then you can switch to full power but be careful whenusing the booster option.

Do not place your product on unprotected surfaces when hot. To avoid burning yourself, always use a pot holder or oven glove.

Cleaning and taking care of your cookware:

Let your item cool for at least 15 minutes before putting it in contact with cold water.

Wash your item in hot water, using ordinary dish soap and a natural sponge.

If food residue remains stuck to the product, do not use abrasive or corrosive products, scouring powders or steel pads but leave it to soak in warm water before removing the residue with a non-abrasive sponge.

Wipe it well with a clean cloth and leave to air dry before storing.