History & know-how

History & know-how

Cooking it's easy with fontignacThe Fontignac brand

Thanks to its expertise, Fontignac has become THE everyday kitchen brand that is faithful to the French gastronomic tradition. 

For healthy and delicious cuisine that respects its ingredients, all Fontignac enameled cast-iron products are the highest professional quality. 

Choosing cast iron means that you are choosing a product that is durable, easy to maintain and respects your ingredients. Renowned for its durability, cast iron is perfect for healthy, tasty cooking without excess fat.

This healthy material is the best when it comes to heat retention and even heat distribution. Our products can be used on all kinds of ranges (including induction) and can be brought right to your table.

Synonymous with gourmet cooking and practicality the French way, the Fontignac brand has several lines:

- Enameled cast iron

- Aluminum

- Stainless steel

- Accessories

So don't wait, discover all Fontignac has to offer: cookware that is effective and easy to use and maintain!

Le groupe StaubThe Staub group

 Since the creation of our first casseroles in 1974, Staub has had only one ambition: to achieve perfection.

We conceive and design our top-of-the-line kitchen items to a combination of tradition and modernity, traditional know-how and avant-garde technology. It is no coincidence that Staub has become a benchmark brand both in France and abroad. With impeccable attention to quality, our products are acclaimed by the most prestigious chefs around the world, including Paul Bocuse, who use them every day in the kitchen and on the tables of their prestigious restaurants. 

Founded by Francis Staub in Alsace,  a region renowned for its gastronomy, the Staub company manufactures all its enameled cast iron products in France. These exceptional items are designed to be used on all types of ranges, including induction. 

Since June 2008, the Staub Group has been part of the German Zwilling group, which specializes in high-end cutlery and kitchen utensils.

VitrilissOur Quality Commitment

All enameled Fontignac cast iron products are of the highest professional quality.

Your product has been subjected to the most rigorous testing,  ensuring their continued optimal functionality and bringing out the flavor of your ingredients. Each piece is unique in its details and appearance.

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